What's new and worth considering when looking for skaters?

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What's new and worth considering when looking for skaters?

Postby lgrage » Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:24 pm


I'm a competent skater, but very out of touch with the latest and greatest, but would like to get a new pair of skaters for myself. I presently ski on fischer RCS skis with the one bar binding and they are like an extension of my body... I'll keep them for back-up for sure. I learned to ski on rossis and loved the stiffness. I live in a very cold land, so glide is a consideration... Are there bases that lend to being better at gliding or cold weather skating/abrasive snow? I know waxing is key, I'm a regular waxer, but as mentioned already, I don't keep up with the newest $100 block of wax that comes out each year... I ski with a high cadence and rely a lot on my legs-arms are weakest link. My fischers are heavier than most other skaters I've picked up of my friends, but they are def older now. I once tried a friends atomic skaters and felt as though I was driving a sports car around.... One time on them made me feel incredibly agile... Not sure why.

Wondering what some of you techsters might advise. I'm mostly skiing for enjoyment, but I do recreationally race sometimes. I'm best at hill climbing and I like challenging twisty up and down trails. Not interested in the best racing set up, but I want to find a really good fit (will take recommendations to local shops for sizing) and a good quality ski.

Fischers - I'm a fan already
Rossignol - Liked them too
Atomics - classic skis are atomics and no complaints + good experience on a friend's set of skaters
Madshus - ?
Salomon - ?


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