Good all-round full-length skis?

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Good all-round full-length skis?

Post by JeffOYB » Mon Mar 02, 2015 11:16 am

Skis that are 48-55mm wide seem like the kind that 90% of the market needs but is a category that seems to have been 'hollowed' out of the market. Now there's either racing -- 44mm. Or midlength "off-track" -- shorter and 65mm+>

Seems hard to find good waxable full length allrounder skis.

Fischer Country seems like a dead flat heavy ski to me -- 60mm

Fischer Superlight is pretty close, a bit narrow at 48mm.

Madshus Lillehammer might be the ticket. 52mm.

Any other options out there to consider?

Yeah, most of the world likes midlengths nowadays. Easy to handle. But some of us just love more glide and never did mind handling longer skis. Heck, you can't hardly find a waxable midlength, right? And I've never seen any that come close in glide speed. So that settles that.

A friend is wanting to get dialed-in on his all-rounder ski situation. An out-east pro shop sold him a pair of Lillehammers in 200cm. He's 5'11", 165. I see they only go up to 205cm. Maybe my old ski sizing bias is blinding me? 200cm seems too small for all-rounders, to me. Maybe for a strict track race ski. He always had 210's before. That's what I use at 6', 170#. He likes glide and can handle skis easily so wants full length. He's mostly skiing flat, open city parks in Chicago.

I don't know what other option he has. So maybe going from 200 to 205 in the same ski is kinda silly. But they've always acted a bit funny for him. I'm hoping he can do better.

(I've been wanting to experiment with 215's or even 220's myself! Does length matter?)
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