Do tails wash out when a ski is too soft?

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Do tails wash out when a ski is too soft?

Postby JeffOYB » Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:14 pm

I finally skied my new/old skate skis yesterday. Fischer SCS, med-flex, 190. ...Boy do their tails wash out for me. I suppose they're too soft? I'm 175. I was skiing them on nice packed powder, not icy not soft.

I wonder if there's an easy flex test I could do.

I got them to behave a bit better by getting my weight more forward -- maybe that's a good thing! But then they tended to pivoting in both directions -- if I put weight even a bit to the outside their tails would wash out to the inside. I'd prefer to do whole-foot weighting.

I installed NIS plates and Xcelerators. I think the binding is 1/3" behind balance point right now. I could adjust them more rearward, I think. I guess I should've just done that as a test.

[[[UPDATE: I just checked and the bindings are 1/2" AHEAD of balance-point! And they're at the rearmost setting of the plate, already. So I could only move them more forward and make them MORE tail-heavy. I used the holes that were already in these skis. Would tail-heavy make skis wash out at the tails? Maybe they wash out because I'm not weighting the tails ENOUGH?)))

I look forward to doing a comparison test w/ my 1991 Rossi's (which I'll need to wax up). They've also seemed soft to me but it'll be neat to compare them.

I would like to try all sorts of skis sometime.
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