Atomic classic skis 192cm seem way soft...?

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Atomic classic skis 192cm seem way soft...?

Post by JeffOYB » Tue Nov 22, 2016 4:02 pm

I accidentally just got a pair of Atomic RC9 classic waxable skis 192cm. (Blue, with a double-hump top-plate.) I'm not used to messing around with classic race skis that short. From the Atomic sizing chart it says that length is for skiers 110-130lbs.

...But darn they seem awfully easy to squeeze shut w my hands. Not so much camber to them. Am I just biased by 205 and 210 skis? I'm not sure I've ever felt skis this soft.

I suppose I could find a young teen somewhere and do a paper test. But I actually don't have ready access to such a person nor the time for it. I could find a 70 pounder -- that might be a test -- if they won't give a paper test result w that kid then I'd really know something is wrong with them, too soft.

Hmm, I just compared them to a couple pairs of nowax touring 195's I have -- the Atomics are softer.

(They came with sticky red wax on them, quite klistery in texture but waxed to a fully marked wax pocket, like 14".)

...OR... Do short women/junior classic race skis quite often have quite a soft feel?

Curious. Hoping for some shorthand luck-out info...
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