Are "blend" poles better known as "clubs"?

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Are "blend" poles better known as "clubs"?

Post by JeffOYB » Fri Nov 25, 2016 7:17 am

I see various carbon / glass % blend poles for sale these days. 40% carbon ... 60% carbon. If we want a stiff lively performance pole do we really need 100%? My impression is that even the 100% carbon range includes both light and "crazy light."

My poles are all 20+ yrs old. They are "carbon." I don't know if they are blends or not. They were "top shelf" for their day.

Like, I still have a set of the old early skating Exel Forte "red weave" poles -- black with a spiral of red. I couldn't skate V2 with those. I called those CLUBS. They were heavy and flexy and not viable for fun times on the snow. ...What were they? Were they a BLEND? Or were they all glass? 7 oz each w roller tip.

I also still have a set of Exel Ion "yellow weave" top-shelf poles from maybe the late 80's. ...THOSE are nice and light. Again, I have no idea if they are pure carbon or what. 6 oz each roller tip. ...Only 1 oz lighter than the "clubs" but they sure work better. (Also they are 4" longer.)

I'm always trying to sort out what is a basically good fast performance pole. Not a pole for the arms-race at any level. Not fragile. Also, a good value would be nice.
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