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Best no-wax option for rec skiers?

Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2016 12:48 pm
by JeffOYB
Another thread had a line in it that caught my attention.


Magnus Johansson wrote:Anders Berlin in Uppsala, Sweden uses mainly sanded grip zones with no wax or klister:

OK, this catches my eye. I'm interested in all-round enthusiast skiing, not in elite race waxing.

So this guy is mostly using hairies? For all his general skiing? I clicked on the link and I just see a guy skiing along.

Does Uppsala SWE have mostly one kind of snow condition?

I've been enjoying my Blizzard Chemicals around here. They seem quite versatile. I'm told I can also grip-wax over the special mid-section then clean it off when I want to use the 'chemical' again. But I'm curious about what's really going on w these skis. They have us prep them w sandpaper beforehand then spray them w silicone. isn't this just the SOP for hairies? Maybe they're just a kind of long-use hairy skis. The rubbery section allows for hairies without loss of base material. ????

I'm really interested in good general solutions for rec skiers.

To me, fish-scale skis -- incl Crowns and Evo's, etc. -- make noise and are slow. I'd love to find a nowax vs that's quiet and faster and more versatile if possible. Doesn't have to be a race-winner.