Beginner looking for skin skies advice

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Beginner looking for skin skies advice

Post by teigas » Sat Jan 27, 2018 2:34 pm


I am on the lookout for skin skies formyself. I have not used skies since my school days and was not really in to it , so I am more the guy who would take a lap or to in a preperad winter course perhaps 2 - 4 times a month when there is snow at the west coast of norway.

I had 4 trips with my fathers more wide fischer mountain skies with steel edges but they are not the right lenght and weight for me i think. I can always use them when I am going off corse.

I was looking for some skin skies, but when i read the test they somtimes give the same skies different conclusions, might be good in one and bad in another. I read the norwegian dagladets test where Fischer twin skin pro did good.
My local shop sells fischer twin skin pro and salamon aero 7 and 9.

I am really having a hard time choosing between does two. The guy in the store said that the fischer twin pro might fit me good, i am 1,93 cm and 93 kg.
The fischer skin pro he had was 207 cm and the fa number was 45. I dont think they have machines that can check if they are right for me i think they just must choose from the fa number and lenght. If there are places that have that i think i must travel really far i live a place a few hours drive to a major city.

Since i am not a technical skier, i tought that price range would be a nice place. I do mountain hike 3 times a week on foot, but the ski stuff seemed fun a few times a month in season to have some variation. I also have a little bad shoulder wich i really felt when testing the mountain skies today in a slipper course, they slipped every time ( a lot of up and down) .

Hope sombody have some advice on te fa values are right or personal experiences. And if you think the Fischer skies would be right for my needs or perhaps to overkilll?

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Re: Beginner looking for skin skies advice

Post by Neuro » Mon Jan 29, 2018 1:44 pm

If you look at viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5140, there were questions about the Dagbladet test, and experienced skiers not too happy with the Fischers.

In other tests where the racing skis are compared (some links here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4949), Fischer doesn't do so well whereas Salomon does consistently well. Petter Skinstad made history winning a prestigious race (Fredagsbirken) on skin skis and they were Salomons.

FWIW, I have Salomon (RC Equipe) racing skis and they are very good, and I'm just a regular joe out a few times a week like you will.

The key seems to be to get the skis matching your weight and your planned technique, meaning if you will just walk slowly, or 'jump stride' training or somewhere in between. You must be honest and realistic here or the skis will not work (happened to me, I asked for competitive training skis, when I'm just touring/training and the kick was not there, so I had to sell those and get a new pair). If you are unsure, go on the side of the softer ski to make sure the grip will be there. The glide is anyway quite good even if the skins are dragging, which can anyway be improved with dedicated glide-products or just plain silicon spray.

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