Boot fit changing for top-shelf models

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Boot fit changing for top-shelf models

Post by JeffOYB » Thu Mar 01, 2018 6:55 am

I've been buying used classic boots to find one that's just right. I recently got an older red Alpina race boot, mid-range, and it fits good in a size 44, maybe I'll have to foam in the sides of the heels to eliminate any slip back there in the classic motion. I also got a top-shelf Alpina ECL Elite Pro boot, same size, lighter by several ounces, and it's much narrower in the forefoot, to the point of inducing nerve pinch even w a thin sock. So they changed the last. Rats.

I'm guessing that controlling heel slip is the biggest need in a classic boot. Forefoot snugness is relevant for control in ski handling. You wouldn't want slop up there, but how common is that? Compared to the trickiness of grabbing the heel firmly. ...I've noticed some brands/models looking like they're trying hard to give heel fit adjustment.

...So far my 1990 Rossi race boot is lightest by far, at 12 oz. ...Alpina ECL is 15 oz.

Who knows what the new carbon boots are like.
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