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Skin ski experiences

Post by Neuro » Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:18 am

Had a good long season on my skins (Salomon RC Equipe) in all conditions now, and:


1. Of course not having to wax and all the mess that goes along with that. Cost of wax too.

2. Consistent grip. My usual course can on certain days have parts that require different waxes (cold shadowy part higher up, to parts in the sun lower down), but with skins it's go all the way.

3. Glide is very good. Turns out I have better glide than most, only the club racers /avid trainers have better. Seems wax can be just as draggy as skin if not melted/brushed on.


1. I would have liked better grip. If I 'run', they are as good as most other skiers with wax (except those with so much wax they will hardly glide on the flats), but I don't want to (or can't..) run all the time. Of course these are racing skis with a more pronounced arch so touring skis will likely be better in this regard.

2. They are a bit unstable downhill in 'neutral position' (not on edge as in cornering or ploughing). It's as if they will too easily pivot on the skin somehow. I've fallen twice because of this. Not entirely sure this is the skin or the skis or just some odd circumstance (bumps in the wrong place), but it should be mentioned.

What are your experiences?

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