XC Skis for firm, bumpy trails

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Re: XC Skis for firm, bumpy trails

Post by Raubie » Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:59 pm

Auto-X Fil wrote:Thanks, all!

I found the Voss on a rather extreme closeout, so I snagged a pair. I'll try them with wax and see if I'm headed in the right direction - I've never used metal edges on a ski this narrow, so that'll be interesting to try. They are also cheap enough to be a great candidate for a DIY skin patch.

If this doesn't get me where I'm looking to go, the Fischer Outback would still fit into the lineup nicely, with NNN-BC bindings and the easy-kicker skins. I really like the look of that setup, although it's not cheap.
Glad to see the Voss worked out for you. I've got the wider Glittertind's (MGV+) that are climbing machines and oft wondered about picking up a pair of Voss, too. Those Fischer's are nice, with great bases, well designed crown/skin system, but stiff. Crikey, I couldn't get them to cross the fall line for a good Telemark turn-or T-stop. Let us know how they work for you if you pick up a pair.

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