Domracheva's V1 climbing

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Domracheva's V1 climbing

Postby Cloxxki » Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:12 pm

Did you see her in the Oslo Mass Start? She slaughtered the field on the uphills. And it's not just pure power and strength, she seems to be doing something entirely different from what most of us consider typical V1.

Let this thread serve to analyse her technique.

The British Eurosport commentators mentioned a few potential pointers:
- Head stays on leading side, static almost
- Hardly any vertical compression of the upper body into the poles
- all from the hips
- increased knee angle? Setting down and/or pushing off.

My initial thoughts of het V1, before I've done my own further analysis:
- With limited head side-to-side swing (and I suppose that limited vertical upper body input), she might save some "dead" time in her cycle. More time actively loading the glide skis, less passivily gliding?
- She may see low peak loads on her ski's, relative to her physical ability, due to not throwing all her upper body's weight into it.
- The elaborate hip action hints it's not easy skiing by any means, she's driving and driving the skis.
- It's not easy on her to make up 150m per lap, she's seen instable on her legs after long steep climbs, but usually reagain compose after a nice downhill.
- A relatively high percentage of her work comingg from the legs, pelvis and arms, and less so from the back/abs system?

There's suffficient reason to discuss (learn from) her V2 and V2alt as well, she makes Lars Berger look like a rookie with it. But that's perhaps better discussed in a seperate thread?

Looking forward to your thought and comments!


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Re: Domracheva's V1 climbing

Postby MN Hoser » Mon Feb 06, 2012 6:27 pm



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Re: Domracheva's V1 climbing

Postby T-Pines » Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:07 am

Jay, I follow WC biathlon and watch the races here

Jan is referring to the Holmenkollen 12.5K Mass Start event. There are 5 laps and each lap has two good climbs with front views of V-1 climbing. Darya is in the front on lap 1, and near the front on the other laps as she recovers lost ground from one penalty on each shooting stage. I think laps 4 and 5 have clear views of her near the front, too.

Jay, you should be able to FF and REW and quickly find some footage of Darya's V-1 technique. Darya is Bib #2, Belarus' green race suit with red accents.

Jan, I agree with you that Darya's technique stands out from the others. However, I do not believe that she has developed some revolutionary new approach to V-1. She is simply superior to her peers with regard to graceful, smooth and efficient technique. It's like comparing Roger Federer to other tennis players. His technique is not revolutionary ... his movement is simply so smooth and graceful that it appears effortless.

Darya's posture is a somewhat more upright and appears moreso because her abdominal compression is short and quick. Less amplitude does not mean that she is relatively weak in applying abdominal power. I would guess that she is top 5 poling power among her peers. Her V-1 pole position is mechanically better than many of the other women.

Likewise, her "quiet" head does not mean that she does not have complete and forceful lateral weight shift. On the contrary, her weight shift is more complete and more forceful than the other women. She has eliminated all extraneous, inefficient thrashing movement. Her weight shift is quick, precise and very graceful. Extraordinary control.

In the later laps, Darya is climbing beside 2nd tier competitors. This gives the impression that she is "slaughtering the field" on the uphills. Nuener wasn't in the race. Neuner and Domracheva have been consistently posting the fastest ski times this year. My observation is that Neuner is a more powerful climber than Darya, while Darya's superior technique favors her on the relatively flatter V-2 course segments.

Mäkäräinen, Berger, Zaitseva and Kuzmina are the only female biathletes that can try to hang with Domracheva and Neuner. Inevitably, they are also dropped. These other 5 women were not at the front in the last laps of this race.

That's my take, anyway.


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Re: Domracheva's V1 climbing

Postby Cloxxki » Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:48 am

Thanks for your input Jim, I largely agree, yet still feel that there are lessons to be learned from her.
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