Daelie Rages Against Doping

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Re: Daelie Rages Against Doping

Postby Mark M » Wed Mar 06, 2013 1:59 pm

osloskier wrote:Well, thank you for the kind words :-/

No reason to take offense, at least after your nations massive success in Val di Fiemme you should enjoy being the kings and queens of skiing. Btw, it was known as Val di Fiasco here. ;)

I have been in Norway and Sweden often enough and in my experience Norway is definitely then one with most impressive skiing culture and most people doing outdoors stuff at their leisure. Here we have active skiing culture at grassroots level and plenty of xc ski competitions during the winter but nowadays there seems to enormous gap between those and World cup events. Guys from the National team dominated our championship races but we got just one top-10 finish in Val di Fiemme.

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Re: Daelie Rages Against Doping

Postby osloskier » Thu Mar 07, 2013 4:14 am

torinoskier wrote:Everyone knows that Norwegian skiers were doped, as well as Italians, Russians, Finns, Estonians...
It is naive and ridiculous to claim something else. Daehlie, Alsgaard, Hjelmeset, Jevne, Estil, Bjervig, Skari, Mikkelsplass, Moen...they were all doped.

You sure present a lot of convincing facts :)

The saddest thing is that the doping culture is still very strong in Norway. Tord Asle Gjerdalen is one of the best examples: http://www.fis-ski.com/uk/604/613.html? ... ype=result

Scandinavian Cups, FIS cups, in Tour de Ski rankings between 15-56...Then suddenly 1st, 3rd and 6th in World Championships. The previous success, 1st and 3rd position in World Ski Championships, 2011 Oslo.

Norway has a strong anti-doping culture. Even in the comments below newspaper articles you very rarely see anyone say "Sure they doped, so what? Everyone else did too". Also, doping to such an extent is no longer possible after the implementation of biological passports, and so cannot explain Gjerdalens results. Maybe you didn't notice that all the 1. place finishes were in the relay? He got one individual bronze this year and one individual bronze in Holmenkollen in 2011.

As for other results:

Code: Select all

26-01-2013  Gaasbu      NOR  National Championships  Skiathlon 15/15 km C/F   4
24-01-2013  Gaasbu      NOR  National Championships  15 km F                  4
14-12-2012  Sjosjoeen   NOR  Scandinavian Cup        15 km F                  2
29-01-2011  Steinkjer   NOR  FIS Race                30 km M Pursuit          3
27-01-2011  Steinkjer   NOR  FIS Race                15 km C                  5
03-01-2011  Oberstdorf  GER  Stage World Cup         20 km M Pursuit          9
18-12-2010  La Clusaz   FRA  World Cup               30 km F Mst              8
04-12-2010  Meraaker    NOR  FIS Race                30 km F                  8
23-01-2010  Stokke      NOR  FIS Race                30 km M Pursuit          1
21-01-2010  Stokke      NOR  FIS Race                15 km F                 10

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