Limits for Masters Training?

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Limits for Masters Training?

Postby JeffOYB » Thu Jan 30, 2014 1:36 pm

I recall Antonina Anikin having a rule for training that said something like "no more than 100k beats per day." She calculated how many heartbeats a day that a training athlete could tolerate including regular life and sleep and it came out to 100k.

As we age that number likely decreases. Other numbers we might assign as limits would likely decrease as well. For sure the baseline parameter would be the steadily declining max heartrate.

So has anyone sorted any of this out? Maybe it's just way too variable. Maybe moreso than among 20-something athletes even?

Anyway, is there some Masters Racer rule of thumb out there?

I know about the "lose a heartbeat every year," but are there other somewhat rough parameters to consider?

I notice my own energy levels raising and falling as well as my periodicity in ability to peak. I don't do it seriously enough to measure it or see how it has changed over the decades but it does make me wonder. In general I sure can't do as much as I used to be able to. But when I'm on a roll it seems like I can get close. I don't know how much to assign to age or how much to lower hours.

Heck, I haven't even monitored my heart-rate in past few years beyond very occasionally. I monitored a few times for cyclocross last fall and did do a half-hour race at a 181 heart-rate average. Then had a couple events with 175 averages after that.
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