What about this Lukas Bauer? (won't stop winning)

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Postby Cloxxki » Sat Feb 23, 2008 3:26 pm


So what do you now think about Bauer, after he's remained the man to beat for the remainder of the season, classic and skate, combined, and on all but the really short distances.

I'll agree he came quick, and he must be doing something right. But surely he's been through several doping controls by now? I bet several anti-doping fanatics want him, regardless of whether he's really clean or not. At least, that's how it would be in the movies :-)

From where I'm sitting, with my limited experience scrutinizing ski races, Bauer seems to play his game well. Shows authority, in terms of speed and in the way he moves.

What makes Bauer different, can you identify what sets him apart from #2 and up?

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