Incredible race by Simen Hegstad Krüger

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Re: Incredible race by Simen Hegstad Krüger

Post by Neuro » Mon Mar 05, 2018 2:13 am

I'm back, seen all the races now.

About spoilers, competition threads with non-revealing general titles (i.e. 50 km men) would be enough for most to stay away, spoiler alert not really needed, at least for me.

About the race, it was really Sundby's but he was actually felled by team tactics would you believe it.

He was feeling fit and his plan was to go last hills (predicted by pundits and known to all as that's his usual MO), but the Norwegian team had all made a pact that if anyone on the team made a go, none of the others would follow him so as not to help any foreigner catch up. They would only wait for the foreigners to make pursuit and then follow them.

But as no one surprisingly made any attempt to follow, Sundby was stuck in no-mans land, waiting for someone else to go, and by the time he went it was already too late. I believe he would have won it if not for this.

Still amazing by Hegstad Kruger after the fall, but was doubly lucky Niskanen softened the pack up on the classic leg as they were all forced to go as fast as Simen did when catching up. Normally the guy catching up will never have the same power at the end, but here circumstances bizarrely worked in his favor. It was incredible, but I feel for Sundby.

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