Spoiler Alert! Women's Skiathlon

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Spoiler Alert! Women's Skiathlon

Postby dcpattie » Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:05 pm

***Do not continue if you do not want to know the winner.***
***Continue at your own risk.***

A few observations from the women's skiathlon.

1. Realistically I think there were 4 maybe 5 skiers that had a chance for gold at the startline (Kalla, Bjørgen, Weng, Østberg and maybe Diggins). It seems like the ladies field is just not as deep?

2. Bjørgen worked too hard during the classic section and it cost her the gold (she might have lost anyway).

3. Kalla looked perfect and calm the entire race. Her strides during classic looked effortless and her raw power on the uphills was impressive. Prediction: She'll win the 10K pursuit and anchor the team for a gold...3 golds for Kalla!

4. The race course looked brutal, the only flat section was right in front of the stadium, that was about it. The climbs kept going and going. Did the men ski the same course?
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Re: Spoiler Alert! Women's Skiathlon

Postby MN Hoser » Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:39 pm

Kalla obviously has great form. She had good form at the beginning of the year too, which is interesting. I usually think that a peak is hard to hold, so she must have has some great off season training. She also had good skis. The Swedes nailed it (skis) a Sochi, and it seems they're doing it again. Bjørgen was good, and I wonder if she has has pulled her punches in races leading up to the Olympics, but I don't think she'll beat Kalla skating at the Olympics without some very smart tactics. I think she will likely get a gold in the relay and has a great shot at the 30km.

I think Diggin's might have had slow(ish) skate skis. It looks like she suffered all race and she couldn't make up any ground on the downhills with a better tuck. I also wonder if Weng, Østberg, and Diggin's cooked themselves in the Tour de Ski. That doesn't seem like a good prep for the Olympics unless you pull out before the end or you have discipline and don't go 100%. It kind of seems to me like Bjørgen and Sundby might have been doing that, or simply skiing their way into shape. We'll see what happens with Cologna. He should still have good form, but I still wonder about all the racing at the Tour.


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Re: Spoiler Alert! Women's Skiathlon

Postby Magnus Johansson » Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:47 am

dcpattie wrote:Prediction: She'll win the 10K pursuit and anchor the team for a gold...3 golds for Kalla!

The 10 km freestyle with individual start is Kalla's favorite event and it does look very promising right now. The anchor leg for Sweden will be skied by Nilsson; Kalla will most likely ski the second leg, and maybe she will secure a Swedish victory already there. I think Sweden is the favorite now when Weng and Östberg do not seem to be at their best.

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