Birkie hills and hilly course profiles

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Birkie hills and hilly course profiles

Post by sangreen » Wed Feb 28, 2018 9:56 am

When reading the write-up for the American Birkie on fasterskier I was struck by a quote from 3rd place woman (50 skate) Chelsea Holmes:

"In the beginning, it’s a strange feeling because it always feels a little bit slow, like a very different race pace than even a 30 k that you do at other times, and especially with less climbing, which, I miss the hills a little bit … so that’s a little bit hard for me sometimes to sit in. But I think we shared the lead fairly well" (emphasis mine)

Ok, add this to the post from a couple weeks ago about strong guys double poling the Birkie course. What am I missing? Is the Birkie course really considered flat? It is the hilliest race that I have ever done. Is it a walk in the park compared to the courses used for international competition? I know some folks compile metrics on course profiles for the international WC events, any direct comparison to the Birkie? Any well-known races/loppets which offer significantly more climbing?

Sorry to ramble, this was striking to me.

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Re: Birkie hills and hilly course profiles

Post by JeffOYB » Thu Mar 01, 2018 2:03 pm

good point! i have no data, only a me too.

i wonder what are harder courses. as i've said i prefer a course w very little DP. only briefly as a change-up.

it seemed like the Oly course didn't have much DP.

is there a ranked list of course profiles, elevation gain, etc., for WC and other famous courses? this wd be awesome data to see. i'm sure skiers are strava'ing it. bikers track all this.

(...didn't have any CROWDS either, ugh.)
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