Start skate skiing?

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Re: Start skate skiing?

Post by davidb » Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:38 am

First: only complete reprobates, and Bolsheviks prefer skating. Real men stride.

But, if you insist (and for some reason, you don't care what I think) I've got a few completely unqualified tips.

Skate only roller skis are the only way to go; and you must use stiff skate boots, classic boots simply aren't going to work. Combis are are a waste, and trying to skate on classic roller skis will just ruin your expensive classic wheels and make you look like a dope.

Not using safety gear. helmet, knee pads, and gloves is really smart. Yeah, all that stuff may save you a trip or two to urgent care, but it can also save you a real macho brain injury.

I've tried a bunch of skis, Swix, Marwle, etc. but, in my view, RollerSki Shop's new Pursuits are head and tails the best. Cheap long lasting wheels too.

St. Steven
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Re: Start skate skiing?

Post by St. Steven » Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:52 am

Thanks all...I really appreciate everyone's input. I've made enough mistakes in gearing up for new sports, hobbies, ect. And think I've finally learned not to make impulsive purchases based on limited knowledge, excitement, and feeling like I've found a great deal! Only to be regretting my decisions after a couple of weeks. Where a couple of hours of research , and buying right the first time can actually save $$$, and keep me from buying 2x.

as far as rollerskis, I'm leaning toward going classic for this summer, with dedicated skis and summer classic boot. As, i am comfortable with the technique, and thinking of racing primarily classic next season. And for skis, I'm got my eye on the salomon s/lab classic race line, boots and skis. (My boss owns a ski shop and can get me a screaming deal). I have both salomon and Fischer classic skis, and really like them both for their intended use.

And at some point before next season, get a good skate set up, and learn on the snow.

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Re: Start skate skiing?

Post by JeffOYB » Mon Mar 26, 2018 12:06 pm

St. Steven wrote:Hi, this season I got more serious about xc skiing for fitness and to stay away from the ski resorts. I did a few short races (5k, 7.5k), and enjoyed it. I only ski classic, and my last race was apparently mixed technique, but i was the only classic skier.

My question is... I'm planning on getting more serious about next race season, should I add Skating to my training and racing, or focus all of my training efforts and budget on classic for next year? Including rollerski for the summer.

Thanks for your input.

I would focus on the kind of skiing that is closest to you.

Same with rollerskiing. ...Find a safe circuit where you will rollerski and judge the pavement quality then get a ski that suits that pavement. (I have very rough local pavement so I got a special ski that works for it. Many other skis wd not. Safe circuit means no big downhills or traffic or chance for darting kids, critters. And no gravel, sticks on course! Or pre-inspect and clean before workouts.)

I've rollerskied for decades. No special summer boots. I typically RS a couple dozen times each autumn. I use it as a way to ramp up into ski season rather than as a sport in its own right. So it depends on how much you find that you love RS. To me, summer RS wd be too much and too hot. I wd rather bike in summer, and sea kayak.

Skating is awesome fun as a break from classic for me. But skating is far enough away from me that I only do it 1-10 times a season. I classic ski every day there's snow right near my house. So that's more like 30-100 times a season. Since I don't do any kind of skiing enough to get tired of it, I like using great gear. Some people say if you do it only a few times why bother w best gear but for me that's all the more reason! If I only get a few tries I want them each to be awesome. That said, if you'll do skating only a few times because it's not available where you live then you could easily save $ by getting a more modest skate set-up. Skating has a different tempo and feel and is a very fun change of pace. It's slower and uses more muscle. I think the two styles each help each other. Good to do it all! ...Including telemark skiing! :) We sometimes get heavy snowfalls that the groomers can keep up w (or the local skiers who track in the trails) so for the first day or two why not do backcountry powder skiing? I have a ski set for doing that. Great fun several times a year. Actually, for fitness, tele skiing the bumps is probably also helpful for classic and skating... It all works together!

I have used my casual method to get top 10 results in local races -- to go pretty fast -- so even if you get gungho such an approach might not be so bad. (I've known quite a few racers and never anyone w summer RS boots. But nowadays ppl go all out, eh?)

Have fun! :)
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Re: Start skate skiing?

Post by Rto_11 » Tue Mar 27, 2018 8:07 pm

As far as racing both are super fun, and add different strategies to racing, its also nice to switch up training once in a while.

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