Holmenkollen 50: classic faster than skate!!! ???

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Holmenkollen 50: classic faster than skate!!! ???

Post by JeffOYB » Wed Apr 25, 2018 8:49 am

I noticed that the 2017 50k classic Holmenkollen was won in 2:02. Hmmm... pretty fast. Have classic WC 50's gone under 2 hrs yet?

I glanced back at a couple previous years done in Skating mode and saw winning times of more like 2:07. Well, this year's was 2:01.

Is the general idea that Mass Start races aren't really finding the best possible raw time -- that there is much jockeying and sitting in and waiting around and so they basically just "end when they end." ...And so the WC 50 km mass starts tend to finish around 2:00-2:10 hrs? At least at Holmenkollen. Maybe a venue tends to find its ballpark time based on its course profile.

So it might be more the profile of the course and the format -- mass vs individ -- that sets the general finishing time. ...Rather than the Classic vs Free angle. Also maybe the longer distances tend to merge a bit closer. ...Do skate sprints and 5-10k's tend to blaze a lot faster than classic short events? I thot I noticed that also when comparing times earlier this season.

Still, it seems interesting that classic ends up very close to skating -- and sometimes a fair bit faster.

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Re: Holmenkollen 50: classic faster than skate!!! ???

Post by Neuro » Sat Apr 28, 2018 8:47 am

Yeah that's interesting but like you say Holmenkollen is very steep, basically just up the hill and down again and I guess the advantage of skating is mostly on the flatter parts.

But I think the snow makes the biggest difference, and with mass starts depends a lot of the tactics and this year the main group put up a good pace from the start to get rid of finishers like Klaebo etc.

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