afib and "the mtbike of skiing"?

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afib and "the mtbike of skiing"?

Post by JeffOYB » Mon Feb 18, 2019 9:03 am

I wonder if Afibbers might benefit from exploring different aspects of the sport, such as ski-handling and the singletrack mtbike-type side of XC. You still go all out at times but there's much more of a problem-solving undercurrent, plus precision flow. Rather than pure steady blasting.

The roadie side of xc undoubtedly kicks in the endorphin rush most steadily at the white hot end. it's possible that it's more likely to bring on afib.

The mtbiking side can be a big fitness blast but in a different way. I suppose it is almost exactly like the diff b/w bike road and mtbike. it can be thoroughly intense but maybe a bit less steadily so?

Singletrack skiing has more power moves: tricky uphill scrambling that you can't really call herringbone. It's a mix of every kind of move. ...Kind of like how mtbiking has more power moves than road-spinning.

i suppose a relevant question is: do mtbikers suffer from afib as much?

Hmmm, i just googled around a bit and someone mentions that afib hurts your upper end and so is BETTER for roadies and steady output than for mtbikers who need to spike it occasionally.

Oh well... perhaps by reveling more in ski handling than relishing the upper limits, afibbers might regain a new kind of fun in XC. and at this point there aren't many races in trail skiing but there is satisfaction in cleanly flowing a technical trail.
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