Biking begins!

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Biking begins!

Post by JeffOYB » Thu Mar 14, 2013 12:53 pm

Snow is now too low around here so I've already started CXing my yard trail and am enjoying it greatly. CX seems to have a good ski like feel. I enjoy pushing the corners to where front and rear are sliding.

I'm not overdoing it, just getting in a little "wee" fun each day. 15 minutes, say. Can't think of a better way to get the legs somewhat ready. Better than nothing! And seems definitely better than bundling up and going out on the salty, busted-up pavement. Speeds are so low that I just wear my XC level of attire, meaning: light.

Crashing might even be softer than in skiing -- at least when the turf is soft and even still a little snowy/crusty like it is now. Crashed twice already, no prob. I was riding in a fair bit of snowfall yesterday. Way too little to ski on -- no base -- but fun to plow thru 2" of fluff.

I suppose I've said it many times but I like repeating this next one a lot: sewup CX tires have made ALL the difference in my fun level in this sport. They really give the bike a ski-like feel. So plush! My clinchers, by contrast, make me want to quit. Big diff! (I'm sure one can now buy very pricey clinchers that imitate sewups but I bet they're still not as nice... Or, maybe they can be but you need to be trickier in managing your tire art. Sewups are simply great. OK, OK, one does have to somewhat match conditions. I just use the classic allrounder Challenge 30s.)

I'm aiming toward Barry Roubaix -- March 23 -- 3000 people have registered! Crazy! It's a very hilly dirt event with beer after.
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