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New bee

Post by alleyyooper » Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:26 am

I'm a bee keeper and live in Michigan. I have had X country skis for Well 36 years with the type that use bindings and ski shoes. I think I was 8 when my grand dad made me my first pair of Finnish style skis from a Ash tree he had cut in his woods. They used a leather strap to hold your shoe/boot were wider than todays skinny skis and worked a whole lot better in Real X country skiing across fields and thru the woods making your own trails. He made 3 pair for me as I grew, but by the time I needed some new ones in 1978 he was gone.
I think I could make a pair my self now and may try some day. But they will not be Ash since the EAB has destroyed all the Ash trees in our area. May try Hickory since I have a abundance of them.

:D Al

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